We bought.

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Hi, I’m Remi. I handpick stocks based on expert analysis, consensus and my instinct. I write short and readable recommendations for stockpick.market explaining briefly why I buy shares in the companies listed in the “We Bought” section.

We bought. Z2U

ASX:Z2U AUD $5.35 Zoom2U is a great little gem. This recommendation is a little more personal. I use to work with a client in 2016 and had some questions around the IP of the software I was developing for them. A friend of mine, close to Andrew, Zoom2U CEO, gave me his number saying I … Continue reading We bought. Z2U

We bought. (ASX:RZI)

ASX:RZI $1.74 Raiz is a promising start up. Millennials are pushed further away from real estate investment with prices exploding during COVID in some locations. On the ASX the minimum investment amount is AUD $500 in Australia, this alone is gate keeping investment for people new to the work force or without cash. Raiz offers … Continue reading We bought. (ASX:RZI)

We bought.

It’s been a while since I recommended any new trade. With the current situation happening around the world I was waiting for the right window to buy. Below are stocks I recently bought. AUSTRALIA: ASX:NXT $12.14 ASX:TLS $3.74 ASX:CHL $1.42 ASX:WEB $5.25 ASX:PWH $6.81 ASX:ART $1.103 US: EBAY $69.41 INTC $56.37 PYPL $294.90


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