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We bought – HPG

HPG: Hipages had their IPO and launched on the ASX earlier this month. It was introduced at $2.45 per share. We think it might go lower for a while but eventually it will become a great stock. Tradies represent a large part of the working class and they deserved to have a unified system to book jobs and make transactions with customers easier. Hipages does that really well.

We bought – LYC, SDF, CPU

Stock picks September 2020

LYC: We are holding Lynas for quite some time and we believe now is a good time to buy more. Lynas has a strong executive team with a clear vision of what needs to be done. Mining earth is bad though, so we think it is OK to help the company a little but not too much.

SDF: Steadfast has shown a steady curve for over 5 years and we believe results for next year will be strong.

CPU: Computershare is running behind most of the trades on ASX. Companies rely on them to handle the communication with their investors. We think COVID-19 has dragged a lot of investors to the ASX and that CPU is going to profit from the enthusiasm.