We bought. EPA:STM, EBR:MELE

ST Microelectronics
Code EPA:STM bought for 42.1 EUROS
ST Microelectronics is a French chip maker. It is backed by several european countries (including France) to ensure Europe’s sovereignty in the chip supply. Chips are used everywhere they are at the center of a lot of industries: electric cars, planes, sub marines, IOT, etc… STMicroelectronics is pretty robust. Covid has introduced supply chains disruption all around the world and STM managed to deliver steadily those last 2 years. It is positioned to see good days ahead.

Code EBR:MELE – bought for 90.64 EUROS
Melexis is also a chip maker. They are positioned to do wonders in the electric cars space. For every car produced worldwide, they had on average 13 chips onboard. The number has increased to 18 chips at the end of last year with revenue progressing 27% year on year. Those are great signs that they are on top of the game.