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We bought. NYSE:SHOP

NYSE:SHOP bought at USD38.29

Shopify has a strong offering and is used by millions of brands. I recently used Shopify to set up an e-commerce website and was impressed by the ease of use and how fast I could get started. I think this stock is going to perform well next year as more individuals are moving to online shops. It is currently sitting at USD 33.71 at the time of writing this article, which makes it a nice entry point.

We bought. ASX:GT1

ASX:GT1 bought at AUD0.40

Green Technology Metals (GT1) is a lithium exploration company that went IPO in October 2021. When I first heard about this company, I looked at who was the team that is running it i.e directors and the executive team who are all well experienced in the minerals/mining sector.

Lithium metal has grown in demand in the last 2 years and it is in very tight supply. I purchased GT1 at 40 cents a share on the day they went IPO. As per their CEO, “The results returned from our maiden hole at Seymour represent an excellent start to the Phase 1 diamond program.”

With lithium metal in demand, keep an eye out on the company’s aggressive progress as their program consists of drilling eleven holes to evaluate the potential along-strike and down-dip extensions of the North Aubry deposit, which are currently open and untested.

We bought. EPA:STM, EBR:MELE

ST Microelectronics
Code EPA:STM bought for 42.1 EUROS
ST Microelectronics is a French chip maker. It is backed by several european countries (including France) to ensure Europe’s sovereignty in the chip supply. Chips are used everywhere they are at the center of a lot of industries: electric cars, planes, sub marines, IOT, etc… STMicroelectronics is pretty robust. Covid has introduced supply chains disruption all around the world and STM managed to deliver steadily those last 2 years. It is positioned to see good days ahead.

Code EBR:MELE – bought for 90.64 EUROS
Melexis is also a chip maker. They are positioned to do wonders in the electric cars space. For every car produced worldwide, they had on average 13 chips onboard. The number has increased to 18 chips at the end of last year with revenue progressing 27% year on year. Those are great signs that they are on top of the game.

We bought. Z2U

Stock picks October 2021

ASX:Z2U AUD $5.35
Zoom2U is a great little gem. This recommendation is a little more personal. I use to work with a client in 2016 and had some questions around the IP of the software I was developing for them. A friend of mine, close to Steve Orenstein, Zoom2U CEO, gave me his number saying I should call him and ask my questions. I reached out to Steve to schedule a call without knowing who he was. He seemed a little bit surprised on how I got his phone number but helped me nonetheless. His advice led me to where I am now and I am grateful for that.

For me a CEO who takes time to help another entrepreneur is a great indicator to where his company is going. Z2U has a great business model and is addressing a real problem: parcel transit (and other services) using peer-to-peer delivery. Steve is really clever and is leading his boat in the right direction.

Their IPO took place the 10th of August 2021. It is still early stage and the right time to invest in a great start up.