We bought – MSFT , PFE, CRWD

Stock picks February 2021

Pfizer Inc.NYSE: PFE at USD 34.77

Pfizer manufacture COVID-19 vaccine. Many countries, including Australia, ordered millions of dozes of the vaccine and plan to buy more over the next 5 years. It is one of the most effective vaccine commercialized at the moment. Even though other drugs produced by Pfizer did not perform as well as expected this year, I believe that the vaccine will carry Pfizer value over the next 5 years.

Microsoft Corporation NASDAQ: MSFT at USD 243.77

Microsoft has a wider range of services in its cloud offering. Their products improved a lot since Satya Nadella became CEO. I think now is a great time to invest in Microsoft as the stock price is affordable and Microsoft has some amazing projects in the pipeline.

Crowdstrike Holdings Inc NASDAQ: CRWD at USD 223.72

Cloud security is becoming tremendously important nowadays. Working in a large company, I see it everyday. Crowdstrike developed a range of powerful softwares that are leading the market. We need to keep an eye on their board as its potential can attract the wrong crowd.

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