We bought. NVDA, TTD, DUB, TPW

Stock picks September 2021


NVIDIA is one of the best company in the world on so many levels. Best place to work, best growth, best innovation program to name a few.


The Trade Desk is an ad company. The reason I bought this stock is relatively simple: to see where traditional ad business is going. My current job is tightly coupled with ads and rely a lot on ad views. With Google removing third party cookies by mid 2023, companies relying on ads to survive will need to find a new way to monetize their audience. So if TTD thrives it means my job is safe, if it plummets, I will need to find an other job. I can’t really recommend to buy this stock.


Dubber Corp Ltd has had a stellar progression. It doesn’t mean it is the right time to buy it but it has been steady over the last 3 years.

ASX:TPW AUD $13.006

Drop shipping is big in Australia. Temple and Webster is the leader. I think there are room for improvement but limited to when COVID lockdown will end in Australia. Could fall big times after restrictions ease.

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