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We bought. (ASX:RZI)

Stock picks September 2021

ASX:RZI $1.74

Raiz is a promising start up. Millennials are pushed further away from real estate investment with prices exploding during COVID in some locations. On the ASX the minimum investment amount is AUD $500 in Australia, this alone is gate keeping investment for people new to the work force or without cash. Raiz offers an alternative to traditional shares investment using micro amounts. The company has a goal, a vision and a mission. Their team is diverse and they are going international with the recent appointment of a Co-CEO to expand to the US. Even though the minimum investment amount is only a few cents, they might partner up with similar apps or broaden their offer soon. Those are strong positive indicators that this company is going places.

We bought. NVDA, TTD, DUB, TPW

Stock picks September 2021


NVIDIA is one of the best company in the world on so many levels. Best place to work, best growth, best innovation program to name a few.


The Trade Desk is an ad company. The reason I bought this stock is relatively simple: to see where traditional ad business is going. My current job is tightly coupled with ads and rely a lot on ad views. With Google removing third party cookies by mid 2023, companies relying on ads to survive will need to find a new way to monetize their audience. So if TTD thrives it means my job is safe, if it plummets, I will need to find an other job. I can’t really recommend to buy this stock.


Dubber Corp Ltd has had a stellar progression. It doesn’t mean it is the right time to buy it but it has been steady over the last 3 years.

ASX:TPW AUD $13.006

Drop shipping is big in Australia. Temple and Webster is the leader. I think there are room for improvement but limited to when COVID lockdown will end in Australia. Could fall big times after restrictions ease.

We bought.

It’s been a while since I recommended any new trade. With the current situation happening around the world I was waiting for the right window to buy. Below are stocks I recently bought.


ASX:NXT $12.14

ASX:TLS $3.74

ASX:CHL $1.42

ASX:WEB $5.25

ASX:PWH $6.81

ASX:ART $1.103


EBAY $69.41

INTC $56.37

PYPL $294.90

We bought – MSFT , PFE, CRWD

Stock picks February 2021

Pfizer Inc.NYSE: PFE at USD 34.77

Pfizer manufacture COVID-19 vaccine. Many countries, including Australia, ordered millions of dozes of the vaccine and plan to buy more over the next 5 years. It is one of the most effective vaccine commercialized at the moment. Even though other drugs produced by Pfizer did not perform as well as expected this year, I believe that the vaccine will carry Pfizer value over the next 5 years.

Microsoft Corporation NASDAQ: MSFT at USD 243.77

Microsoft has a wider range of services in its cloud offering. Their products improved a lot since Satya Nadella became CEO. I think now is a great time to invest in Microsoft as the stock price is affordable and Microsoft has some amazing projects in the pipeline.

Crowdstrike Holdings Inc NASDAQ: CRWD at USD 223.72

Cloud security is becoming tremendously important nowadays. Working in a large company, I see it everyday. Crowdstrike developed a range of powerful softwares that are leading the market. We need to keep an eye on their board as its potential can attract the wrong crowd.