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We bought – HPG

HPG: Hipages had their IPO and launched on the ASX earlier this month. It was introduced at $2.45 per share. We think it might go lower for a while but eventually it will become a great stock. Tradies represent a large part of the working class and they deserved to have a unified system to book jobs and make transactions with customers easier. Hipages does that really well.

We bought – LYC, SDF, CPU

Stock picks September 2020

LYC: We are holding Lynas for quite some time and we believe now is a good time to buy more. Lynas has a strong executive team with a clear vision of what needs to be done. Mining earth is bad though, so we think it is OK to help the company a little but not too much.

SDF: Steadfast has shown a steady curve for over 5 years and we believe results for next year will be strong.

CPU: Computershare is running behind most of the trades on ASX. Companies rely on them to handle the communication with their investors. We think COVID-19 has dragged a lot of investors to the ASX and that CPU is going to profit from the enthusiasm.

We Bought. August 2020

Stock picks August 2020


FPH: We believe that in the current situation, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare has a strong advantage given by their manufacturing power. They deliver products that the world need right now. (AUD 33.60)

MP1: Megaport was on our radar for a few months. Interconnection of networks is paramount in a connected world and with companies exploring solutions to allow their employees to work from home, we think they are in the right spot at the right time to provide such solution at a great scale. (AUD 17.14)

JIN: Jumbo Interactive has renewed their contract with Tabcorp. The deal might not be as great as everyone expected but it it signed. We think it will give the company some financial relief and gives their engineering team some opportunity to innovate. (AUD 12.97)

Let see how this age.

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Disclaimer. Our short recommendation page is an explanation of why we bought those recommended stocks ourselves. It is not intended to be a financial guidance of any sort or an invitation to buy or sell shares in those companies.